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Staring May 1, 2021 all assessment appointments will be made via email. Appointments are available on a limited basis to ensure that the quality and time spent with your child, their test results, and parent conference may be conducted appropriately and in a timely manner.

Responses via email should be returned within 24-48 hours unless otherwise specified.

I will be out of the office from May 6- May 18, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Andrea Foutz 



Specializing in comprehensive psychological & educational assessments.

  • Is your child struggling with reading or other academic subjects?
  • Does your child have difficulty sustaining their attention?
  • Does your child appear to know the information prior to taking a test and fail the test or cannot complete the test in the allotted time?
  • Are making and maintaining friendships difficult for your child?
  • Do you want to know your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses?

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